COMPETITION: Winners of the C&F Competition

This great competition have come to an end on L’Armoire De Lana and I was extremely happy the very strong feedback. We all love beauty and there’s nothing more flattering to shop for a woman to feel pampered.
First, I want to point out the results of the votes between the two looks: Keira’s new glam won with 56 votes against Taylor’s old hollywood glamour with 33 votes. As you can see, the difference isn’t that major and I think these results are very interesting. Most of you loved how classy Taylor looks in this look and the power that the red lipstick is adding to her facial features. On the other hand, the majority agreed on the fact that Keira’s look is a success because it’s both sophisticated and simple at the same time. Dark makeup on the eyes and nude on the lips is surely to stay an ongoing trend for a while…
As for the winners of the competition, I want to say CONGRATULATION to:
1) Racha Rawwas: You just won the $100 Voucher to shop at any C&F branch. The surprise is that, I’ll be attending your shopping session when you’ll be using this voucher to give you all of the possible advices you might need and maybe recommend some of L’Armoire De Lana’s favorites of the moment. 
2) Rewa Seblawi: You just won a voucher to get freely pampered at C&F Institute. Get ready to have your nails, makeup and much more done. I’ll also be there if you request so. Let’s say you decide to use this voucher for a special occasion, then I’ll be available to help you style according your beauty with your look for that event.
Congratulations girls!!! Please message C&F on their Facebook Pages with your mobile numbers so that they can contact you asap to tell you how to collect your gifts.
And for everyone else, stay tuned for more beauty tips coming right from L’Armoire De Lana and C&F to you. More competitions are also awaiting you in the near future. AND we’re launching tutorials VERY SOON to start giving you all easy and straight-to-the-point tips on how to use the most basics makeup products.
Happy sunday!
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx 

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