COMPETITION: Winner of @L’Atelier Nawbar’s necklace

Here’s to one of the most successful competitions on L’Armoire De Lana. I’m very glad to have felt a lot of excitement. This necklace is gorgeous and I can understand everyone’s so eager to win it!
I have all of the participants’ names written on small white papers (yes, it took some time!)  and I had the name drawn in the most objective manner, as usual.
The name of the winner is: MARIE NAKHLE
Congratulation Marie, you can pick your necklace at L’Atelier Nawbar in Hamra Street, right before Lina’s Cafe. Please call them on: 00961 1 744 828
Make sure to share a picture of you wearing it so we can post about it on the blog!
Stay tuned everyone, the Christmas surprises have just started! More coming up tonight!
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

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