COMPETITION: Win and Get Pampered With C&F

The holidays might be coming to an end but the surprises are still ongoing on L’Armoire De Lana.
This time, the competition is all about beauty and pampering. Is there any woman on earth that doesn’t like being pampered.
I’ve chosen two very opposite beauty looks and all you have to do to enter our competition is sharing your opinion with us! Who will you chose? Keira Knightley and the new glamour with the matte smoky eyes and the nude lips or Taylor Swift with the bold red lips and the feline eyeliner for a 1950s old glamour?

1 Voucher for free pampering service at C&F beauty institute 
1 Voucher of $100 to shop beauty products at any C&F branch

What YOU will have to do:
1. Like C&F Facebook Page here
2. Like L’Armoire De Lana’s Facebook Page here
3. Comment on this blog post with your choice between the two looks OR Log into C&F Page on this link, “like” or “share” the picture and VOTE for your favorite look.
Hurry up, this competition can end anytime! I’ll be revealing the closing date for the votes in couple of days!
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

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26 Responses

  1. Mariam Halabi

    I choose Taylor swift look because her lips look very vibrant and it complement her fair skin 😉

  2. melody

    I would choose taylor swift.I am a huge fan of the eyeliner and i always wondered if fiery red lipstick would be a little too much to go with it but after giving it a shot myself,i got so many compliments that its my favourite make up style number now!

  3. wincy mazarelo

    I love keira knight look which is very suitable to her looks.It is a simple make up look but the smoldering eye make up makes her look exquisite!

  4. Rasha rawwas

    Although its nice to go back in time sometimes and rock the old glam make up look , we have to follow with the modern times and stay in track with all the new trending make up looks. Therefor I choose Keira nightly 🙂

  5. Nour Daher

    I choose Keira knightley’s Look because the old glam is too much on Taylor Swift’s small features specially the deep eyes, but the new glam is very suitable for Keira Knightley’s face, with her brown eyes and the color of her hair and skin! It gives her a very sexy look! While the old glam doesn’t really suit Taylor’s face 😀

  6. Farah

    New glam, keira looks more natural, and her face glows. This look aswell would suit a greater variety of girls of different ages also

  7. Samiya Abi-Jaoudé

    Even though I love Keira’s natural make up … I definitely vote for Taylor’s make up. I love old Hollywood glamour…

  8. Rewa Seblani

    I love both! but personally I love Keira Knightley’s look more! Her make up look is very natural! a fresh face is always in 😀

  9. tofsroma

    Red Lips are my new trend especially after i red your last post and tips about the Red lipsticks and co. so i definitely vote Taylor, ( m not a swift fan at all ) but the red just suits her and me very well and the black eyeliner is and will always be the greatest feminine eye touch and contact ever.

  10. Rania Abou Chacra

    In my opinion, the best make up is the one that gives u a sparkling touch without changing who u r.
    Thus, i think Taylor’ make up is perfect because it makes her look so special and not common.
    She looks simple but at the same time beautifully different. Really sparkling 🙂

  11. mariam jaafar

    je prefere le look de taylor swift, le rouge lui va a merveille et s’accorde tellement bien a la couleur de ses cheveux ainsi qu’a son teint ! la touche d’eye liner c’est un peu la cerise sur le gateau !!