Christian Dior SS16

I’m a Dior girl at heart. During this season of fashion week, many collections have neglected to remember that it should truly be about summer, except at Dior.

I arrived to the show very excited and looking forward discovering the setup, having heard that the construction had been going on for the past three weeks involving up to 100 people walking day and night. A gorgeous and immense mountain of delphiniums welcomed us. The vibrant shade of these flowers immediately threw me back to a summer day in South of France, enjoying simple things, beautiful things. The Spring Summer 2016 is once all about stunning daywear for women who enjoy very feminine pieces, forget about the conceptual clothes.

I love the new silhouette, especially the jackets that exaggerated the shoulders in a very subtle way, some of the looks were somewhere between masculine and feminine which is one of my favorite trends recently. The use of light and sheer fabrics constantly reminded us that summer should be a season were layering must exist but yet must make a woman feel liberated. One of the key pieces is a gorgeous beige jacket/coat with entirely beaded flowers, it made a beautiful statement on the catwalk. I would definitely style it as a spring look before moving into the summer heat.

The purses were different as Simons introduced different new shapes, the cylindrical one caught my attention. I loved the new direction for the Diorama, experiencing it with new skins, stronger colors. Many other structured bags are definitely about to become “it” pieces. As for the shoes, they were pointy with a leather double ankle-strap, sometimes with heels, sometimes just flat (my favorite version).

You might have guessed, my favorite part were the necks, which were tied with tight scarves and chokers, each carrying one jewel and dangling a metal tag (sometimes read 1947, Dior’s revolutionary collection). I need one of these neck jewels, I felt it added a little undertone of darkness and mystery to all the looks. Raf, we can’t wait for next round!

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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