Chloe Me Up

I’m a huge jumpsuit fan. Yes, I love everything about the seventies and I’m so excited that this trend is back and here to stay. I love that jumpsuits give any look a lot of personality as it’s so versatile: you could go from styling the same jumpsuit in a bohemian look to a retro-glam one. Today, it’s not about the jumpsuit itself but more about the spirit of the jumpsuit. It’s all about recreating your own jumpsuit. I love matching a pair of shorts and a top from the same collection to create a matchy-matchy feel, making (almost :D) everyone think I’m wearing a jumpsuit.

If you do the same, you will realize that it’s an extremely smart idea as you will be able to get the same timeless silhouette. All of these styling changes should be done based on the fact that you have recognized and acknowledged your body type.

Outfit Of The Day: Total Chloe SS15 look

Photography: Carmen Breidy

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx