Butter not butter!

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They say butter is the secret of cuisine; and I honestly couldn’t agree more. Being a foodie, I appreciate good cuisine, especially the French one that uses butter more than any other cuisine in the world. For the past eight months, as I was trying to get as fit as possible in time for my wedding celebrations, following a close friend’s advice, I decided to strongly limit my butter consumption. Should we entirely stop butter? No. Simply because so many dishes or desserts would completely loose their special taste without a little hint of butter. Plus, what’s life without these little pleasures? However, throughout the past months, I realized how dangerous butter can be for a woman’s body; even if she daily exercises. Learn to replace butter by good oils like olive oil or canola oil; especially if you’re eating homemade food. Personally, I try to eat at home as much as I can, simply because I prefer home food and because I can control every single thing I eat. Now, at restaurants, I also sometimes ask the waiter if the chef can replace the butter in a dish by regular oil, it makes it less concentrated in fat and diminishes the risk of augmented cellulite. These are little things to change in a routine that indirectly change our lives without affecting the things we really enjoy. Little efforts like these every now and then never hurt, on the contrary, they contribute to our well-being and to the way we feel about ourselves

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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