Birds flying high, you know how Elie Saab feels!

Elie Saab smoothly tackled the migration subject occupying the new millennium , especially to Lebanon after war was torn in Syria and to the 1930 New York where immigrants used to head to down town and enjoy those jazzy beats just like how it was on the couture runway with a piano on stage.


Saab got inspired by the iconic Chrysler building that was known for its geometric patterns to make them beautifully appear as a motif on his dresses.

Wherever anyone looked at the Elie Saab couture runway he would see colours of beautiful Lebanon in fabrics and cuts, from old stones to blue skies, domes and mosques and inspiring clear blue waters at Tyr.

Flocks of birds were born on lace bodices, chiffon and silk dresses, out of sequins and glitters to create a set of unique mother-and-daughter displays on the Paris runway.