Benefits of Ginger Tea

Contribution by: Cerina El Sahely

I’m excited to be back on the blog with weekly contributions on fitness, health and more topics related to a healthy lifestyle.

Today, it’s all about the benefits of natural ginger tea. It only takes few minutes to prepare it! Start by boiling water with fresh ginger root, some lemon and green tea leaves (or you can keep it simple just ginger root and lemon). Let them boil a little bit, not too much! When it’s ready, you can add a teaspoon of organic honey before serving.


Benefits of natural ginger tea:

  • Decreases blood sugar levels (less cravings)

  • Freshening bad breath

  • Relieves a sore throat

  • Lowering blood cholesterol levels

  • Helping reduce constipation, laxative effect

  • Reducing dizziness

  • Helps the circulatory system

  • Relieving headaches and migraines

  • Reduces pain and inflammation

  • Cold and flu treatment

  • Effective on morning sickness

  • Stimulating a weak appetite

I would advise you to start your day, at least three times a week with a cup of natural ginger tea. You could also decide to have it after lunch, it will decrease your afternoon sugar cravings. Stay tuned for my contribution next week. Meanwhile, you can email me your suggestions/questions on [email protected]

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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