Behind The Scenes with Patchi

Good evening everyone! Here’s a beautiful throwback to my Katb Kteb ceremony (as promised) and the beautiful chocolates I worked on with Patchi.

In our traditions in Lebanon, during the Katb Kteb (Muslim Religious Wedding) ceremony, chocolates and souvenirs are distributed to the attendees as wedding favors. The Katb Kteb ceremony usually takes place at the bride’s parents’ house but sometimes people can decide to organize it at a nice restaurant or venue. In my case, we decided to host our Katb Kteb ceremony at my parents’ house in Burj Rahhal, a pretty village in South Lebanon.

In terms of organization, we divided the ceremony in two parts: first, a Katb Kteb ceremony in the presence of the Sheikh then a dinner in the large outdoor terrace of the house. The traditions are the following: as the bride and groom complete their wedding contract, juices and chocolates are distributed to celebrate the happy moment. Then, as people leave the ceremony, they receive a lovely souvenir.

I am lucky to have quite a big family so we were planning a big reception. I had already worked with Patchi on my engagement cocktail for beautifully decorated chocolates. It was a given that I would repeat the same experience for my Katb Kteb, especially that I consider them to be the best in the region. I’m here being extremely genuine and stating my opinion based on real experiences..

Our dining room has a big beautiful wooden table so I felt like working on a lovely chocolates & candies set up. The inspiration was simple: I wanted everything to be white with silver details; all inspired by my gown for the occasion. I had chosen a dress from Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring Summer 2014 collection and it was white with little studs and elegant flowers. What actually stands out in this dress is the asymmetrical train made of white organza.

I had 3 main meetings with Mrs Brigitte Azar, designer at Patchi to brainstorm on my chocolates and the decoration of the table. In a first phase, I took a look at the available collections, the bridal creations and all the already existing samples.

DSC_7928 DSC_7904 DSC_7896 DSC_7875

On my second appointment, I briefed Brigitte more thoroughly on what I was looking for and about the flower decorations I planned to have during the ceremony. To speed things up, Brigitte had prepared a beautiful mood-board, custom-made for my occasion, based on the ideas I had mentioned, things I like and what she thinks would complete my ideas. During that meeting, I picked a paper to wrap the chocolates, choosing the exact color I wanted for the organza and the shape of the flowers.

At the final meeting, Brigitte had samples of decorated chocolates ready for me as well as crystal giveaways for me to choose from. I went for a huge crystal bonboniere that would be distributed in a plexiglas box with pretty silver and white ribbons as well as a customized tag. Then, I also picked 5 different types of decorated chocolates: 3 of them decorated with white organza roses of different sizes, one with a rose print and a final one with our embossed wedding logo. I was in love with them! The last step was to exactly pick what types of chocolates and candies would be distributed on the silver trays: marzipan, chocolate with lokum, almond dragees, wafer chocolate or meringue.

Make sure to log in tomorrow for the reveal pictures of the setting!

DSC_7997_ DSC_8071 DSC_8127 DSC_8030DSC_8212 DSC_8200 DSC_8177 DSC_8159

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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