Beauty: Top Eyebrows’ Products

You might have heard that there will be a contributing beauty editor for this section of the blog, here I am!!! I am so excited to share with you guys my passion for beauty and makeup, tune in for an exciting and beneficial journey.
Brows are a major factor in your radiance and a very important sector in the make-up industry since they define your look mood or personality. In fact, your brows could tell more about your look, starting from the arched, curved, innocent, glamorous or the girl next door sensation. Shaping your brows will accomplish a simple yet strong look with a stylish vibe.
The product you use will affect a lot the way your brows  look , at the beginning of this trend I got myself a lot of various brow product and my brows kept looking weird, then I figured that I was using the wrong products which made my brows fall out.
This topic is quite long and I’ve decided to divide into 3 different posts:
1.Reviews of my favorite brow products, 2. Tricks to define arch or groom your brows and most importantly 3. How to make your brows thicker and bigger.
Brow product recommended by L’Armoire De Lana and I are;
1-The mac pencil that you use for framing and arching and sometimes filling on the go, it has a creamy texture. I highly recommend this product.
PS: Please note that Eyebrow pens that don’t have a creamy texture are really harmful to your brows since you’ll be putting a lot of pressure; which will eventually cause your eyebrows to fall. If you really like the color of your pen and wish to fill in your brows with this pen, get a hairdryer and melt the tip of the pencil so that it becomes creamy and creates a nicer harm free texture.
2-The Make up Forever aqua brows is a waterproof gel that you apply with an angled brush (they usually come in a kit so no need to purchase a brush for it); this product gives the illusion of a brow tattoo. This product is recommended but be aware of the quantities you use and the way you groom them.
3-The setting brow gel is a must! There are two that are highly recommendable: MAC Setting Gel in clear and Benefit’ speed brows. These will set your brow giving it longevity to sustain you all day long.
4-Last but not least, are eyebrow kits that contain everything you’ll ever need to ace the brows; are the sigma kit and the Anastasia Beverly brow kit, both of them are excellent.



I hope you found this post helpful, stay tuned for the other parts of the brow trend report, thank you for reading!
Crisma G, [email protected]
Thank you Crisma for this great first contribution on L’Armoire De Lana. We cannot wait for more.
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx