Time to correct 5 common beauty mistakes

Written by: Crisma Ghostine

Hello beautiful ladies! Here comes another of my posts for #larmoiredelana! I’ve always enjoyed giving new and trendy beauty tips, but what I have realized recently is that we commonly miss the simplest steps that might completely change our daily beauty routines! So let’s start with “the 5 common beauty mistakes we always figure out to make”:

  • Using conditioner on all of your hair: You shouldn’t apply conditioner the same way you apply shampoo. The top of your hair is the healthier , but what’s damaged is the tip of your hair. Make sure to apply conditioner only on the tips so you can smooth out the edges.
  • Applying foundation without giving your moisturizer time to dry: The creaminess of a moisturizer creates a thin layer that takes up to 7-10 minutes to dry properly. Applying foundation before giving the time for your moisturizer to dry can result in blotchiness (the cake effect). Furthermore, it will reduce the amount of coverage your foundation can offer throughout the day. 
  • Spraying perfume after you’re dressed: Perfume definitely stains fabric. After trying to zip up that dress with the fabulous Lana the last thing you want to do is to actually ruin it! Another important thing is that fabric fibers can alter the initial scent of the perfume and turn it into something very unpleasant. 
  • Neglecting your neck: When it comes to skincare we take care of our faces, but what we mostly neglect is our necks. Don’t stop to your chin, your neck skin is thinner and much more sensitive than you think! You don’t want it to age faster than your face!
  • Plucking your eyebrows too close to the mirror: when you’re focused on every little hair, you don’t keep track of the shape of the entire eyebrow, your eyebrows are sisters but not twins.

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Thank you Crisma for this post, we always love your contributions. Can’t wait for more!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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  1. lamia

    Super sympa, ça permet de ne plus faire ces erreurs .
    j’aimerais d autre astuce beauté des conseils pour un make up léger et naturel