Beauty: This Christmas, add a sparkle to your cheeks at C&F

December and my favorite time of the year has finally come. A part of this winter’s beauty trends departed from the matte look that you can easily create with basic face powders.
The shiny cheeks look is so youthful and it can be easily created. I personally like this trend for my nights out and this post is to give you few tips on how to add a little sparkle to your holidays’ makeup. Remember that this doesn’t mean that your makeup stops being natural!

All you will need: The right illuminating powder or shiny bronzer. Find below few picks from C&F for all budgets:

1. Glam Bronze Wild Instinct bronzer, L’Oreal, n*302, ($25)
2. Glam Bronze Wild Instinct bronzer, L’Oreal, n*303, ($25)
3. Extreme Croisiere healthy powder, Givenchy, n*4, ($60)
4. Illuminating Powder Gelee, Estee Lauder, ($57)

Additional tips:
1.If your skin is dry, it will look matte and will be difficult to turn it shiny so make sure it’s moisturized enough.
2.Some people use transparent gloss to achieve such a look but I think it’s far from looking natural so this is why I avoided going through that in this post.
3.Make sure to keep your powder in your purse because those little shimmers tend to quickly go away and you might want to readjust your look.

Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

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