Beauty: The Perfect Natural Pink Lips

Hello everyone! I’m personally always looking for the perfect pink lips’ color with a long lasting formula. In fact, a natural pink color is your must-have for daily applications as well as the right shade to go for when you complete your Smokey Eye look or any statement eye make-up.
Recently, the products I am using to achieve this color are from the very talented international make-up artist Bassam Fattouh’s beauty line. I really found a lot of very interesting products in his brand that can help creating a natural look and enhance beauty without any artificial finish.
I picked two products form his line the first one is the ‘Cheek ‘N Lips ‘mousse .This multifunctional product applied either on the lips or the cheeks has an amazing fruity scent with a natural pink hue and it will sustain you all day long.

‘Cheek ‘N Lips ‘mousse by Bassam Fattouh

The second product that I am in love with is the “wardeh” lip liner which is a toned nude/dusty rose color with a matte finish, you can apply it alone or with a lip-gloss as well as it functions perfectly as a base for neutral lipstick colors.

“Wardeh” Lip Liner by Bassam Fattouh

How to achieve those perfect natural lips:
1-     Moisturize your lips with a lip balm.
2-     Frame and fill your lips with the lip liner “wardeh” by Bassam Fattouh
(By filling your lips with the lip liner you will get a matte finish that will last all day long)
3-     Then add a small quantity of the ‘Cheek ‘N Lips ‘mousse all over the lips.
I hope this post was useful! Make sure to leave us your questions and suggestions if you need us to tackle any beauty matter!
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Fashionably yours,
Lana xx