The Henna Lipstick / “Bouss Ma Tkhafsh”

A couple of summers ago, I was spending a lovely afternoon at my best friend’s house when she decided to share with me her latest finding. A neon green lipstick, originally from Morocco, loved for the extremely natural semi-permanent lip color it leaves on one’s lips. What caught my attention about this lipstick was actually its name: “bouss ma tkhafsh”, “kiss don’t worry/don’t be afraid”. Yes, with this lipstick, you could easily kiss around and still leave your marks unnoticed, hahaha!


Naturally, I became too curious and I had to try it on! And this is when I fell in love. I loved the hue or bright pink that slowly grows deeper and darker on the lips after applying it (about 20 seconds after using it, you get the final color/tint). Of course, the more you apply, the darker the color (it gets gradually closer to a dark raspberry hue).


The genius thing about this lipstick is that it’s actually the answer to the red-teeth that I tend to have throughout the day when applying red lipstick.

Also, this magic lipstick isn’t matte nor glossy, it simply completely merges with your lips.

the more you apply, the darker the color..love it!

the more you apply, the darker the color..love it!

As you might guess, I came back home extremely excited to share this new discovery with my mom. The funny part is actually how my mom simply replied: “Oh, Lana you haven’t discovered anything hayete, I grew up using this lipstick. In Lebanon, we commonly call it The Magic Lipstick (“El Homra El Sehriyeh”).”..my reaction obviously was: “Yii, how come you never told me about this!!”.

The months passed by and I made it a fact to have at least one of these henna lipsticks in each and every purse I own. The place I actually shop it from is called “Cherry” and it’s a beauty saloon located on Koraytem, facing the Lebanese American University lower gate. It is sold for $2 but I know that its initial price is actually less than half a dollar. You can find it at many “sha3bi”/popular shops all around town.

Please note that this lipstick is simply made of henna (“7inna”) and not of weird chemical components! I know the color looks quite scary for you to adopt it as a beauty product but believe me you will not regret. I literally get DAILY compliments on my lip color and most of the times no one even notices it, I just use it to add some glow to my face!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far from working in fashion is how important it is to value little beauty and fashion secrets like these. Most of the times, these end up being way better than any super expensive product.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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  1. Amal Ziyouk

    je suis Marocaine, je connais ce rouge à lèvres, ça fait longtemps que je ne l’ai pas utilisé mais mnt je vais l’utiliser une autre fois, merci pour cet article Lana, much love