Beauty: “No Makeup” Makeup Tutorial

 Make-up is a way to enhance your beauty by highlighting your traits and blemishing your imperfections along the way. I tend to lean more toward natural looking make-up instead of colorful and bold make-up; which is occasional depending on my mood.

Today I will be teaching you guys my favorite make-up look the “no make-up face”. This look is perfect for daily looks and for days where you want to accomplish your daily tasks looking fabulous.

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  • Moisturizer, my favorite is Hydra Beauty serum by Chanel.
  • Wear a lightweight foundation, the perfect one for me is Vita Lumiere aqua liquid version by Chanel.
  • Dab Chanel cream blush inspiration on the apples of your cheeks.
  • Bronze your cheeks and your temples with the honey bronzer by the body shop.
  • Highlight your cheeks, chin and bridge of your nose with the albatross highlighter by Nars.
  • Clear brow gel and stroke your brows a couple times to make your eyes look bolder.
  • Cover your eyelids with Maybelline rose gold color tattoo.
  • Wear any cream colored eyeliner of your choice on the waterline to brighten up your eye area.
  • Apply any black mascara of your choice.
  • Wear concealer that doesn’t hide your dark circles but highlight your under eye area, I advise Ysl touche éclat by Ysl or l’Oreal version of it.

Finally, complete it by applying Vaseline all over your lips, and wear the inspiration cream blush over it.

I highly recommend trying this look! It should be your every day makeup to look beautiful and natural to rock your work meetings or feel confident at university!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me or comment down below.

Crisma, G,[email protected]

Thank you our favorite beauty editor for such an awesome post. The no makeup look is something every woman should absolutely know how to apply because it’s THE beauty look to achieve in order to step out of the house feeling confident everyday.

Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

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