Beauty: My monthly picks at C&F

The week ends beautifully as I’m very proud to introduce to you a new category on the blog. The beauty category will be bringing you the best out of the latest beauty and hairstyle trends but also a lot of advice on which products to buy and why! I’m looking forward creating video tutorials as well but this will be a little delayed! 

Good news number 2 is that I was just chosen as C&F’s online ambassador and I decided to go for a sort of window shopping every month and share with you what I’ll be loving amongst their products.

Let’s now kick it off with my favorite picks for October 2012! I hope you’ll like them!

Photography: Charbel Saade

1. Gucci Première: I’ve chosen to feature this perfume after trying out many other new ones in store as I really like its power. It was inspired by the Gucci premiere couture collection shown at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival and Blake Lively was chosen as its icon. Perfect choice!

More details about the fragrance itself: starts with a very strong bergamot and orange blossom scent followed by white flowers, musk, leather and finally wood.

2. Vertigo nail polish by Chanel ($33): this is a very difficult color to describe. The color is something between black-grey-plum and brown, ie this season’s top colors. It also has this light shimmer very specific to the brand’s nail polishes but it doesn’t really show when applied on the nails.

3. Suspicious nail polish by Chanel ($33): here’s to a fuchsia more red than pink. I love very thin and pigmented formulas and the quality of this one is really remarkable. Strong pink is the hottest color of Fall 2012 so make sure to have such a shade on your nails soon.

4. Yves Saint Laurent Shocking mascara in green jade (n^6) ($40): I am very biased when it comes to mascaras and it’s very hard to make me change my opinion regarding my favorites. Nevertheless, this one is a winner, especially if you’re all for thicker, darker and longer eyelashes. Perfect for nightwear and I picked the green jade color because it’s almost black but with a very nice reflection, it will help your eyes show better.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture, lip stain ($43), color n19: the brand’s number one product in my opinion. Those lips lacquers are excellent, I love the formula and how long they stay on the lips. It’s something between a thick lipstick and a moisturizer. I’ve chosen a light pink color for your everyday looks.

5. “Caractere” Rouge Coco by Chanel ($44): this lipstick is “rose plum”, in others words a sort of a rosy brown. I also has a barely seen hint of shimmer. I think it’s such a beautiful color for fall, dark without being vampy. It doesn’t give a dominatrix look but it will help adding some definition to your looks.

Hurry up and go check these out! Your makeup bags might need little additions for a perfect FW12.

A special thank you to C&F again.

Fashionably yours,

                            Lana xx

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