Beauty: My Christmas Picks at C&F

December is finally here and we’re about to reach my favorite part of the year. I’ve had something for the holidays’ season since my young age.
As you must have noticed, I’ve been posting my monthly picks at C&F. This time, the entire focus is on fragrances.
In fact, I want you all to start looking for the perfect gifts for your belong ones and there are tons of new perfumes that could be the one.
1.”Fame”, Lady Gaga (89$, 100ml) -IT JUST LANDED AT C&F! YAY!
Why: I’ve personally tried it and I think it’s quite agreeable. Great gift idea especially because it’s the first black colored fragrance. Perfect for your super fashionable friends.
2. “La Vie est Belle”, Lancome ($108, 50ml)
Why: I really like this one because it’s starts with a lot of flowers and it ends with a high sort of spicy note. Perfect for your mothers!
3. Manifesto, Yves Saint Laurent ($107, 50ml)
why: the first very feminine YSL fragrance in quite a while. This one is very fruity, especially at its top notes. But it smells just right! Perfect for any woman out there and for the fruity fragrances lovers.
4. Ricci Ricci, Nina Ricci ($76, 50ml)
Why: Another very floral scent but extremely glam. I’m always a fan of Nina Ricci’s fragrances and this one is just as good. Perfect for the youngest.
5. Bois de Oud, Givenchy ($119, 100ml)
Why: if you love oriental and Arab notes in a perfume, you’re going to be thrilled. Imagine how good Oud can smell when released in a bottle a la Givenchy! Perfect for your mothers and grandmothers.
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx 

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