Beauty: How to Pull off very Dark Lips

Bold and dark lips always look so hot and inspiring on the catwalks but most of us are intimidated about trying them on in real life. I did a little research to inspire you on how to pull off bold and dark lipsticks. Remember that it doesn’t have to always look very gothic, especially when you associate bold lips with very natural and almost inexistent makeup on the eyes. The below tips also work for how to pull off perfect red lips!

NARS – Fall 09 Campaign – One of my favorite!

1. Usually most dark lipsticks tend to be more matte or satin textured, hence, always avoid buying bold or dark lipsticks in glossy finishes. 

2. Start with your lip moisturizer balm and use it only on the center of the lip (where we usually get dry) not on the outer lips so that it doesnt go spreading later. This tip is mostly for your lips to look healthy and the fullest possible.
3.Use a pencil color of the same color of the lipstick. Start by shading into the corner of the lip with the lip pencil so you can get a beautiful pouty lips even with a dark color. This step is very important, you are basically re-shaping your lips.
4. Use a Concealer a little bit right along the lip line: this will make your lips look larger and it is a needed step as when we’re working with a color that usually make lips look smaller we want to bring something that makes them look fuller. Then blend that up using a concealer or foundation brush.
5. How do you chose the right bold color? Always look at the undertone of your skin!
6. Apply the lipstick: Start in the center of the lip and sheer it out. This step is made easier by the lips that you already drew using the lip pencil. End it by pressing with your lips with your fingers, it will make your look softer.
Last but not least, it might be spring already and almost summer but bold and dark lips stay a trend! Forget about the conception of having dark lips only for winter!

Fashionably yours,
Lana xx 

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