Beauty: How to Chose the Right Foundation at C&F

Beauty posts on L’Armoire De Lana right from C&F are becoming my favorite. This is why, I’ve decided to double the dose and bring you two beauty posts per week! This will give me the opportunity to explore more topics, review more products and propose more ideas.
Today’s post is based on one of our readers’ requests who asked me to blog about how to chose the right light weight foundation when you have a young and correct skin. In fact, most people have the misconception that foundation exists for imperfect skins. I personally have a great skin but I love to use some light foundation every now and then (especially at night) in order to make my makeup look prettier, fresher. Here’s a post with my top 5 foundations from my favorite affordable brands available at C&F and that you can shop for less than $30!
1. Maybelline, Dream Nude Airfoam ($21)
This one’s idea for light weight foundations lovers and thus for people who don’t need a lot of coverage. It also has a bit of shimmer and it will give your faces the right glow! You will love the air brush finish! (if you need a bit more coverage to hide scars or pigmentation, refer to the Maybelline Matte Mousse).
2. Bourjois, Bio Detox Fond de Teint ($23) 
why: This formula is 98.8% natural and biologic. You will love it because it’s a fluid foundation yet it has a matte finish and it will cover all little imperfections. You should definitely give it a try because of its very innovative formula, nothing about it is chemical!
3. Wet’n Wild, Natural blend Powder ($14)
 If you’re not a fluid/airfoam/cream foundation type of person, here’s a great powder! First, it’s made of natural ingredients that will nourish your skin. Second, it’s easy to apply and it will cover everything in a very natural way.  Tip: Gently pat the powder along the nose, carefully under your eyes, across the forehead, cheeks and all along the jaw line.
4. Maybelline, Dream Matte Mousse ($21)
 I love this product because matte foundations are my favorite. The dream matte mousse is great because it has a gorgeous velvety and creamy texture that easily blends with your skin leaving it very soft. Plus, the range includes 13 colors so I’m sure you’ll find the right one! 

5. L’Oreal, Le Teint Accord Parfait ($27)
this is the first L’Oreal foundation that I have ever tried and I’m impressed! I has a medium coverage but you can layer it up for a full-coverage in case you need to. It has a light texture and it’s easy to blend, plus it lasts over 12 hours and it has a matte finish! Everything for you to adopt it!
Have you tried any of these? Let us know! And if not, hurry up to the closest C&F branch!
PS: Don’t forget to send us me suggestions of beauty topics you’d like me to blog about! [email protected] !
Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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  1. Rasha

    Your reviews and advice on c&f products have become my favorite posts too!!! So helpful and especially when I trust your opinion