Beauty: Get The Perfect Fire Red Lips for the Holidays at C&F

“Le rouge”, the classic lipstick by excellence, yet the one that most women are still hesitant about is worth a mention for the holidays. Millions of red lipstick shades have been and are still being released; yet we still wonder which ones to pick.
There’s something about red lipstick that instantly makes a woman look more feminine and gives her more confidence. Red lipstick is power, as cheesy and extreme as this might sound!
The great thing with strong lipsticks, in general, is how the rest of your makeup becomes minimal. With hot red lips, you rarely need more than a nice bronzer, a thickening mascara and deep dark eyeliner.
To start, here’s a selection of my actual favorite fire red lipsticks to shop at C&F:

why: this lipstick in reality looks exactly the same as on this picture. It’s flawless!  Read below about the corresponding contour!
why: YSL has amongst the best contours and these always have a corresponding lipstick so you can simply buy both.           

why: I love Lancome lipsticks and I think this shade is particularly nice. They’re also easy to apply and their price are worth the shot.                        

why: simply because it’s a 2 in 1, you can easily draw your lips and then use it as a lipstick. Perfect moisturizing texture as well!        

Now, here are few and very important tips on how to correctly apply a red lipstick:
You will need: a red lip pencil and a red lipstick
What to do:
1.Start by drawing your lips with the lip pencil, it’s very important to get this step right before applying red lipstick.
2.Apply your red lipstick and make sure to make it as thick as possible, especially on the inside.
3. The last trick is to use a cotton stick with a bit of your foundation/concealer on it and to redraw our lips’ lines from the outside to make sure you’ve made no mistakes.
It will just rock your outfits, especially as we all have lighter skins in winter.
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx


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