Beauty: FIVE Hair Care Rules I’ll Never Break

Hello everyone! About year ago I experienced drastic hair loss and I felt very concerned about my hair’s health. Therefore I went for 5 simple unbreakable rules to maintain a healthy looking hair. However, even if my hair care routine sometimes changes, I always try to maintain those major steps;
1- Cut your hair every 8-10 weeks as your hairdresser to trim the dead ends NOT MORE!! Cutting your hair frequently helps it grow twice as fast and keep your hair in a very healthy state.
2- Pamper your hair with a hydrating or nourishing mask every week or two, to keep it glowing and smooth.(I’ll be posting my favorite hair mask and treatments soon on larmoiredelana).
3- Nothing damages the hair like heat! Always make sure to use a heat protectant while styling your hair at home or at the hairdresser. My favorite one is the Trevor Sorbie because it contains heat protection and a shine enhancing technology.
4- Sleep without a ponytail, hair bands cause breakage and stress at your scalp which result in breakage of hair at the roots of your scalp.
5- There is a time of the year where you experience normal hair loss. For most people it’s during Autumn and Spring (when we are undergoing a significant weather change), so to decrease hair loss I take pills rich in vitamins and minerals, especially zinc and vitamin E that are major elements enhancing the growth of hair and nails. The treatment I take once a year for a period of 1 month is called Novophane made of 60 capsules 2/day. Please ask your doctor before following such a treatment.
In the picture below you can see my hair after 2 months of following this routine:
I hope you enjoyed the post, stay tuned for more hair care tips and don’t hesitate to ask and request any beauty related question/topic.
Awesome post Crisma! Personally, I loved it because I always try to keep up with the best hair care routines, from taking supplements to trying on new treatments! My sister and several close friends have been using Novophane and the result is simply astonishing! Also, personally, I never sleep with a ponytail! All-in-all, we can’t wait for more of your posts on L’Armoire De Lana!
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

5 Responses

  1. Sally boustani

    Your hair will NOT grow this long in two months only ,its not even physically possible
    There’s a growth rate for each woman depending on her genetics,so every woman’s hair is different,yes these rules might help make your hair look healthier and stronger but i assure you your hair will NOT grow this long in two months just by doing so.

  2. Crisma Ghostine

    Sally thank you for your opinion, i did not say that my hair grew i clearly stated that novophane is for a specific period of the year where you loose hair due to the change of weather. therefore there is no before and after picture to show my hair growth. specifically we stated that those steps are a maintenance treatment that enhance hair growth , enhancing hair growth apply to all genetic cases and differ depending on the individual. I hope we clarified any misunderstanding.:)

  3. Crisma Ghostine

    I’ am glad you enjoyed our post , trevor sorbie is unfortunately not available in lebanon but can be purchased online.I’ll make sure to research and a find a good substitute .Novophane is available in any local pharmacy. stay tunedd xxxx 🙂