Beauty: Find Your Perfect Oud Scent

Strong oriental scents are definitely back in trend, all of the international brands have now their version of a perfume based on oud, patchouli and amber. Personally, I love oud, I find it completely mesmerizing! When you have a little bit of oud on, wherever you walk in, you’re sure to leave a mark..you won’t leave any room unnoticed.

Every time I go to Dubai, I look for the traditional fragrance makers to find my next oud match. Personally, I love it when combined with amber, rose or patchouli. These mixtures are just perfect.

Why going for the traditional oud? Simply because you’re sure of finding a very concentrated product that is similar to the ones that used to be produced before. Also, they have a lot of oil in them so they will stay longer during the day. You can decide to go for the oil essence itself or for the sprayed perfumed versions.

As you might guess, during my last trip to Dubai, I was courageous enough to go for the oil version. I adore bold fragrances! All, you have to do is apply a little bit on your wrists and behind your ears and you’re sure to leave a mysterious hint wherever you go.

After trying several oud makers at both Dubai Mall and Mall Of The Emirates, I decided to go for one by the very well established Emirati brand “Ajmal”. I fell in love with most of their “Outour” (3otour; which means essences in Arabic). Make sure to drop by one of their stands at the mall and try out several essences before making your final choice.

As for my favorite oud fragrances when it comes to International cosmetic brands:

-L’Autre Oud by Lancome: it stays for more than 10 hours and it has the right combination that will leave you wanting for more!

L'Autre Oud, Lancome

L’Autre Oud, Lancome

-Oud Wood by Tom Ford: a very classic interpretation of the oud, ideal for those of you who likes it when not mixed with other scents.

Oud Wood, Tom Ford

Oud Wood, Tom Ford

-Cafe Rose by Tom Ford: I love this one! It smells somewhere between rose and oud; which makes it a very feminine perfume!

Cafe Rose, Tom Ford

Cafe Rose, Tom Ford

-Oud Ispahan by Dior: last but least, an undisputed classic when we’re talking about oud fragrances. This one is just sooo sexy!

Oud Ispahan, Dior

Oud Ispahan, Dior

Stay tuned for more beauty tips and a very exciting beauty week coming up with our contributing beauty editor, Crisma Ghostine!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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