Beauty: Enhance the Growth of your EyeBrows

We’ve come to the final part of the brow posts! I’ve been looking forward covering this subject as it definitely is my favorite. When the natural and thick brows came back in trend, I got worried as my brows were thin and blonde therefore defining them was an issue. I always tried to be careful as there is a very thin line between artificial fake brows and perfection.
After a lot of research I discovered the best duo ever for eyebrows’ enhancing, this formula will make your brows look thicker and bigger.
This routine consists of the use of two products: the first one is a very special type of oil used for medical treatments called “castor oil“ ( “huile de ricin” in French and “zeit kharwa3” in Arabic), and the second one is a brows’ and lash serum by Elizabeth Arden called “Prevage”.
The “Prevage” serum can be used on both brows and lashes!  It should be used every day before applying makeup to your brows and lashes! 

“Prevage” Serum

As for the castor oil, make sure to daily use it before going to bed. Right after cleaning your face, apply a good quantity with a cotton bud , I advise to adopt this step as your daily before bed routine, until you are satisfied with the size of your brows.

Castor Oil (in English), Huile de Ricin (in French) and “Zeit Kharwa3” in Arabic

I strongly recommend this routine, the result I personally got was outstanding! Our total coverage of the most important tips relating to eyebrows is not complete! Thank you for reading! Crisma G, [email protected]
Thank you  Crisma for this fab post, I always try to enhance the growth of my brows and I’ve tried this oil myself and I believe it’s the best solution so far. We’re waiting for more of your beauty posts. Stay tuned everyone.
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx 

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    1. Personally I used it everyday without any problem but I know several people who use it only 2 times a week so maybe you can start it up twice a week!!