Beauty: Elie Stephan’s Tips for Perfect Smokey Eyes

I always receive emails asking me to prepare makeup tutorials. I try to upload some easy tips from time to time but I was working on having a more professional insight on the matter. As a start in this direction, this week, I teamed up with a professional makeup artist that I love; Elie Stephan to bring you a really good Smokey Eyes tutorial! Scroll down and discover the great work of Elie Stephan and how he leads us through 6 main steps for us to learn how to perfect smokey eyes. The result is just breathtaking! 
STEP 1: Foundation & powder:
-Start by putting the foundation all over your face and blend it well with a sponge. Then,  highlight the areas that you want to pop up, using a concealer (for example: the areas under your eyes).

-After that, apply powder using a brush to hold your foundation. Elie’s secret tip is to use compact powder for all of your face and use loose light powder for under your eyes. 
-Make sure to use a light power that is at least 2 shades lighter then the compact powder so that you can highlight the center of your face (very important tip!).

Step 1: Foundation and powder

STEP 2: Black eyeliner & eye shadow:
– Use a black eyeliner around the eyes and smudge it very well.

-Then, apply back eye shadow over it to fix it. It will make your makeup last longer. 

STEP 2: Black Eyeliner & Eye Shadow

STEP 3: Black eyeliner and mascara:
-Another tip here is to use  as well strong eye Kohl on the water line of your eyes .

-Next, you will have to put loads of mascara in order to define the lashes and make them look dramatic. The thicker your lashes are, the better!

STEP 3: Black Eyeline & Mascara

STEP 4: Lashes:
-For a more dramatic and intense look, you can add fake eyelashes. It will create a very rich and brilliant effects for your eyes.

STEP 4: Lashes

STEP 5: Eyebrows:
-Fill your eyebrows with a VERY natural earthy color eye shadow. Try to make it as close to your natural hair color as possible!

STEP 5: Eyebrows

STEP 6: Lip liner & Lipstick:
-Follow your natural lip contour to draw your lips with a natural lip liner color, almost nude.

– Last but not least, natural/nude lipsticks are always Elie Stephan’s favorites with smokey eyes. It drops the attention from the lips and the main focus is kept on the eyes.

STEP 6: Lip Liner & Lipstick

FINAL RESULT: This is totally a catwalk look, I’m in love!


Smokey eyes are a strong trend this summer as well, this is a tutorial you need to all save in order to rock all of your nights out! Thank you Elie Stephan for this amazing and EXCLUSIVE feature for L’Armoire De Lana. Stay tuned for more tutorials with Elie Stephan and other makeup artists and do not hesitate on sending me any ideas you want me to try working on.
Follow up with Elie Stephan’s latest work on his official Facebook page by clicking HERE. You can also follow him on Instagram on: @eliestephan
To book an appointment for a makeup with Elie Stephan, please call: 70002919.
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx 

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