Beauty: 4 Steps To Bigger And Brighter Eyes

Good afternoon everyone, start your day with a very practical beauty post! Many of us suffer from insomnia and sometimes an important lack of sleep, here’s on how to add some life to your eyes!

Hello everyone! We are all living hectic lifestyles where lack of sleep is casualty. Do you have tired eyes missing a pop of life? I have the Tips&Tricks for bigger and brighter eyes! Start by prepping your eyes with a concealer (for concealer recommendations you can check my previous BeautyWeek post.

Proceed with the following steps:

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1- Curl your lashes

2- Brighten your eyes with a nude eyeliner along your water line.

3- Add a little bit of brightness in the corner of your eyes and on your brow bone.

4- Coat your bottom lashes with mascara a couple of times without forgetting your top lashes.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Feel free to ask me any question or comment down below!

Crisma, G. [email protected]

Thank you Crisma, we can’t wait for more posts!
Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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2 Responses

  1. Mascara and eye highlighter, I use them religiously. I always use two or three coats of mascara (using 2 different brands). I always use the eye highlighter above my lips also for fuller lips.

  2. Zeina

    Hello Lana, I just fall on this old article. I wonder what is the best makeup for big eyes like mine?