Art Nouveau

When we mention Art Nouveau, we are referring to a very particular style of decorative art, architecture and design that was the main trend in Europe and the United States from 1890 until the first World War. Back then, it aimed at modernizing design and actually walk away from the historical styles that were popular. Artists were inspired by nature, by organic and geometric forms. It was all about designs that had very natural forms yet angular contours. It also means a lot of colors, many florals as well.  The very traditional hierarchy of the arts was kind of abolished with the birth of the Art Nouveau, which makes it a major changing point in history. When Art Deco came in the 1920s, it went out of fashion.

And no, I’m not trying to give you a little art lesson but rather sharing with you this personal discovery. I love it when on the blog, I can allow myself to go further than fashion, looking into things that will only enrich my vision. And hey, who knows, you might find your inspiration in art movements too!

I’ve always wanted to visit Musee Maxim’s in Paris, considered as one of the symbols of the Art Nouveau but I’ve actually never had the chance. During my last trip, Louis Vuitton hosted their show after-party at Musee Maxim’s, it was the perfect occasion for me to take a closer look.

While I’m still just an Art amateur, it is important for me to always be looking for inspiration outside my little fashion bubble, the colors, the lines, the designs we see in timeless places like these can change the way we view things. I’ve always hated the black/red combination but for some reasons, the colors of Musee Maxim’s made completely sense, every detail was in the right place. The most important point is that I was able to properly grasp why the birth of Art Nouveau came to break up with traditional Art.

I am wearing: JessicaK Official top and skirt from the brand’s FW15 collection, YSL pumps, “La petite Malle” by Louis Vuitton in black.

Photography: Hana Levan (www.journeyintolavillelumiere.com)

Location: Musee Maxim’s, Paris, France

IMG_2688 IMG_2724 IMG_2741

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx