Around the World: Rabih Kayrouz Fall/Winter 2013 – #PFW

I always liked Rabih Kayrouz work especially when it comes to how he greatly masters the use of fabrics.I admire the very fine tailoring adding his signature to the piece, every time in a different way. Nevertheless, in my humble opinion, none of his previous work equals the flawlessness of his Fall Winter 2013 collection. It was simply incredible. I’m sure you’ve already seen the pictures I previously posted on L’Armoire De Lana’s social media accounts and you might also heard how good the feedback was in all the international press!
Just as always, it was a collection focused on very-well tailored pieces with everything looking just right from the pants to the coats to the structured dresses. I particularly loved the fur details and the leopard print that was done in just the right tone. There were also a lot of dresses and what I loved about them is how light and comfortable they looked, which is not something we usually see in a winter collection. My favorite part were the colors,namely the bleu gitane and the coral red which were just amaaaazing!!!!!!! It was also interesting how Rabih mixed a bleu gitane sweater with a flowy leopard print skirt. Last but not least, I’m definitely getting a pair of the collection’s shoes. Aren’t they so sexy? Plus, although they have an arched heel, the models seemed so comfortable walking in them.
Your thoughts on the collection?
A special thank you to Rola Roubeiz for the access to the show.
Location of the show: Palais de Tokyo
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

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