Anthony Vaccarello SS15 – Ready To Wear – #PFW

It seems to be like a lucky season for Anthony Vaccarello, who after his amazing performance for the Versace Versus runway, shines once again for his eponym label. I’ve been a fan of the brand for the past 3 seasons already and once more, I’m blown away. Did you know that his team for his own label is only composed of four people? Now, that proves how much he has innovated for his Spring Summer 2015 collection.

I liked the lettering  and the printing of his name and the word “Spring” on several pieces. He brought back his iconic super short asymmetrical skirts, I’d wear one of these anyway; with converse or super high heels. Once more, there’s a lot of leather, a fabric that we strongly assimilate with the brand’s identity. We also spot, little “Vs” here and there on some of the collars of dresses and tops. The Versace factor is also very obvious with his first-ever prints, very bold and colorful.

The second theme of the collection is the world of sailors. I love the nautical take on his work: very sexy dresses, the little details with the anchors holding the halter strap to the chest of the dresses, breton striped sailor’s sweaters in a gorgeous sheer version, sleeveless jackets, sharp-looking denim, and very well cut embellished blazers.

VAC_0043 VAC_0090 VAC_0111 VAC_0138 VAC_0374 VAC_0436 VAC_0624 VAC_0688 VAC_0723

On a personal level, I believe this brand is going to continue to grow in an unbelievable manner. Love his identity, the constant changes yet keeping us attached to his iconic cuts.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx