About Couture

urse not, I just want to be a fashion editor!”. But when I’m asked, are you more couture or ready-to-wear, I reply “a little bit of both!”. And when I’m asked, if you were a designer, what would you want to design, well I reply “couture of course!”.

I grew up always accompanying my mom when she used to go order custom-made dresses. I would adore looking at her trying the dresses on and the designer/tailor taking measures, modifying details. There is something so beautiful about couture and it is the fact that the creation goes from a prototype to a real-life piece. Every details means something, every pearls took time to be sewed, the creation has a story. When fashion can tell stories, everything becomes different. When fashion is crazy and creative, this is when it is genius.

Let’s not lie to ourselves, there are so many designers nowadays and so many retail companies that some designs are constantly repeated, some details are copied, there is sometimes too much going on. This is why any real proof of creativity stands out. Consistency is key, I love when artists have a style that we can immediately spot. Having an identity is key.

When I think of the lifetime of a couture dress, I realize how farther in my thoughts it takes me. The stories of dresses that have made history and now are hanging up in museums gives me chills. I love how much couture can make me dream.

I am wearing: a mohair dress with luminous hand embroidered lace cape from Rami Kadi FW16 “Lucioles” Couture collection.

Location: Saint Regis, Paris, France.

Photography: Hana Predajnianska (journeyintolavillelumiere.com)

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx