ABC Verdun & Ajialouna for Ramadan

 First, I have to say how excited I am about the new project of ABC Verdun. I believe it’s really going to bring a nice change in this area of Beirut that I visit on a daily basis. The more the shopping destinations in town, the better! 

To celebrate the start of Ramadan, ABC Verdun organized with Ajialouna (NGO dedicated to support education, health and social activities) an inaugural event that was held in Verdun street. Verdun Street definitely is one of the most dynamic streets in Beirut and I love the way it embraced the spirit of Ramadan with the bewildering decorations specially arranged by ABC Verdun for this occasion. The festival which took place in Verdun displayed a collection of cultural, religious, and family-oriented activities designed to cater to the entire family. Visitors enjoyed exciting activities including Darawish performance, Fayha Choir, Hakawati, live music, Koudoud Halabia in addition to a distinctive exhibition space featuring authentic Lebanese gourmet foods and delicacies, hand crafts, art and calligraphy along with corporate stands. 



I really loved seeing ABC Verdun launching this new concept of Ramadan celebrations. Personally being a lover of the holy month myself, I always like to see such initiatives, especially when linked with great and active NGOs like Ajialouna. Visitors to the festival has been enjoying the special street decorations during the holy month. Also and as part of this initiative, Ajialouna and ABC Verdun are donating samples of clothes and daily Iftar meals to kids and less privileged families. Nothing more beautiful than that!

In a country like ours where instability can sometimes be destabilizing, it’s always beautiful to celebrate together the diversity, beauty, solidarity and true essence of this blessed month.

Last but not least, this first activity by ABC Verdun is extremely promising for what the project will offer us when it’s officially opened. I’m just too excited to see the heart of Beirut enjoying a new shopping and lifestyle destination. It simply gives me hope 🙂

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx