Tricks and Trends: Obi Belts

I bet you’ve all started keeping an eye out for oriental items. However, the main problem is to learn how to style them. For 2012, it will all be about subtlety, heading to a night out dressed as a Geisha isn’t really the right idea.

Oriental fashion is all about simple flowing silks and fluttering kimonos, styled with accessories to give you the beautiful yet softly exotic look.

Josefine Ekman Nilsson Elle Swedden, July 2011

Today, I will focus on a particular oriental fashion item: the obi belt. Although they certainly fit with an oriental-inspired look, it’s a little too soon to go back down the obi path, unless your piece is particularly high quality or unique. Gucci was one of the most flagrant brand affirming that particular trend this summer.

Gucci SS 2011 overview of obi belts

For those of you who don’t know, Obi Belts are waist clinchers that designers have been recently using to evolve the looks. The last summer season was all about Japanese-inspired obi belts and this trend will be continuing for the next coming seasons.  Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior and Gucci are particular leader of that trend.

HOW TO: tie your obi!

Tie your obi

As you guys can see, you can use any piece of textile to create an obi belts. You can also find many young designers adopting this trend, especially in Lebanon, and some gold obi belts (like the Gucci ones) are now available at stores like Kulte, in Verdun, Beirut. Get this belts and style your looks!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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