I know I’ve promised you all more blogposts on unique jewelry pieces that catch my attention every season. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with pieces that have structure, with beautiful lines making the items, simple, classic and different.  I’ve got my eyes on the b.zero1 rings from Bulgari. Needless to say, the jewelry house has an incredible history, making every piece so singular but I loved discovering more through the b.zero1 range..

I recently discovered that the main inspiration behind the designs of the b.zero1 is actually the lines of the Colosseum. No need to look closer at the ring as the main design element is actually constituted of these classic yet modern lines. This ring incarnates history but in my opinion its design is entirely contemporary, making it a must-have in every woman’s closet.

Being a hard worker and a constant traveller, I needed a simple but classic piece to replace my wedding ring. I personally love how the b.zero1 ring exists in all types of colors and with different gemstones. My favorite stays the one mixing pink, white and yellow gold. It’s revolutionary in the sense that it keeps a classic facet yet completes my active woman looks. It’s discrete yet bold. You would immediately notice it on any woman’s hand yet the versions without diamonds make it even more of a subtle piece.

Whether styled with my mother’s vintage printed jumpsuit, my little romantic white lace top or my bold striped wool dress, the rings take another dimension every time. The multi facets of these pieces make them blend perfectly with all the moods of a contemporary woman’s lifestyle. It’s what I’m constantly looking for. Yes, it’s all about what to add to your closet to make you feel empowered, revolutionary in certain ways, yet always looking classic, sharp, on point.

Look 1: Dolce and Gabbana vintage jumpsuit, Bulgari B.zero1 rings.

Look 2: Stella McCartney FW15 wool dress, Bulgari B.zero1 rings.

Look 3: Chanel white lace top, Bulgari B.zero1 rings.

DSCF9844 DSCF9817 DSCF9785 DSCF9738 DSCF9633 DSCF9624

Styling: Mouna Harati

Photography: Carlos Aoun

Location: Angelina Paris in Downtown Beirut


Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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