100 Days Of Summer

f me because I leave for Paris this weekend! I’ve been at home longer than usual, which has been nice and which I truly needed after the amazing time in Cannes. However, now it’s time to look forward new adventures. I’m trying to catch up on a lot of work via emails, Skype calls, etc. before I leave for Couture Week because I’m sure it’s going to be crazy as usual. I’m very happy as it will be the second time I cover couture week and the first time I’m in Paris at this time of the year for the blog. A summery fashion week!

After Couture, I’ll head back to Beirut for the last few days of Ramadan, I also have several exciting events before I take off in August for my summer vacation. So this is my approximate schedule for Summer 2015 with many hidden surprises in between. Oh, and many many many hours that will be spent at the beach.

Get ready for a bunch of discoveries, style stories, beautiful encounters and new destinations!

I am wearing: Zara TRF beach dress, Chanel SS15 sandals, Hermes hat.

Location: Cannes, France

Photography: Hana Levan *Journey Into La Ville Lumiere* (Follow her on Instagram!)

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Fashionably yours

ana xx